Transforming High School Athletics

What Makes SPORTDEX Different


Report and check on scores for on all levels of all teams for every season of your athletic calendar in one centralized location.

Cost Effective

Pricing plans are priced competitively and are designed with the average high school athletic department in mind.


Both the website and reporting tools are fully customizable to work for any school's team budget and brand.


SPORTDEX aims to centralize athletic department information for all teams across all sports at the high school level. Our product allows for coaches, teams, and athletic departments to consistently update their game results, team statistics, season calendar, and roster information. Coaches, parents, teachers, and students can then easily access this information online. SPORTDEX takes all the different tools high school athletic departments use for their teams and combines it into one platform.

Key Features

Responsive Experience

Both the user-facing and backend sides of the site are designed to be compatible on all devices, mobile or desktop.

Fast and Simple

Quick and easy layouts make finding or adding scores and statistics easy for every SPORTDEX user.

Clean Code

Easily make changes or edits to your SPORTDEX site with clean and easy simple templates using HTML/CSS.

Perfect Design

SPORTDEX sites are designed to look good with any high school's colors and fonts, and user experience has been perfected.

Scalable Solution

No matter your department's budget or size, this product is designed to easily expand or consolidate to match.

Helpful Documentation

Data entry directions and templated are outlined clearly throughout the product so you never not know what to do.

How It Works

SPORTDEX works with Airtable to centralize game results, team statistics, season calendars, and roster information into one place.

Athletic Departments can create an Airtable account and easily input information from their phones using the app as soon as a game/meet/match ends. The app is sectioned off by season, then by sport, then by team. Those individuals with the log in information can input game results, team rosters, and season schedules in predetermined tables and instantly submit their changes.

From there, the high school’s individualized SPORTDEX site is simultaneously updated. Whatever information is submitted into the app immediately uploaded to their site. This allows for athletic departments to quickly input results following every single game and make schedule or roster changes mid-season.

A high school’s individualized SPORTDEX site can be customized according to a school’s colors, mascot, and brand. Airtable options can also be customized school-by-school, allowing teams to have as in-depth or broad statistics as they want.

See SPORTDEX in Action

View the Clarke Central High School Athletics SPORTDEX site

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